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#8 The Truth About Investing In U.S. Property!

‘I started buying real estate over there in the late 1980’s when the Savings and Loan debacle hit America. A time when the banking system failed in the southern states of America and as a result there were virtually no banks around. Individuals had to transact buying and selling property without a banking system.’
Now the US is facing another property crisis. Is it still safe to buy in the USA?

Duration: 34:14mins


  1. Ian Reply

    A brilliant Sales presentation. Rick you must had=ve sold life insurance in your earlier life. Just a little fact and a lot of fear.
    Takes me back to the old days.

  2. Russell Eyles Reply

    Again,as always i am blown over by Ricks knowledge about Real Estate and this time all the stuff we Australians do not know about American Real Estate.No way will i be buying property in the USA.

    Thank you Rick.

    Russell Eyles.

  3. paul Reply

    If its sounds to good to be true usually isn’t good

  4. Megan Reply

    Great information Rick, so much to learn about jumping in and buying overseas

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