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#57 The Full-Time Teacher Who Became A Property Investor

  • The future of young investors in real estate
  • Creative strategies that will improve your performance in property investment
  • The secrets to creating an incredible investment portfolio
  • How to envision your daily goals and realize its importance
  • The kind of self-satisfaction you gain from having your own business

For our friends in the UK, you can get hold of these breakthrough out-of-the-box strategies by coming to my Zero Debt Property Cash Flow Conference. Details of the event can be found at

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  1. Michelle Reply

    Wow – loving James Campbell Bruce! I want to be in his position in 13 months time and emulate his journey. James’ advice about changing your mindset and stop thinking that everything needs to be perfect – its more about getting out there to be practicing and learning as you go is what I need to learn to do.

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