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Terms of Use

This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of your use of the We Buy Houses Radio website located at We Buy Houses Radio (“the Website”) and the purchase of documents from the Website.

The use of the Website constitutes your acceptance, without modification, to the terms, conditions and disclaimers contained in this Agreement. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions you should not use any of the documents or information contained herein and you should leave the Website immediately.

Legal Advice
The use of the Website does not constitute legal advice, nor does the transmission, downloading or sending of any document or other information create a solicitor/client relationship. The documents are standard styles only and require to be personalised to suit your own specific circumstances. In addition, the law is subject to change, and while the lawyers who have drafted the documents have taken every care in ensuring the accuracy of their content, the information contained in the documents will, during the passage of time, become outdated. Legal advice is therefore recommended in all circumstances.

Distance Selling Regulations
Due to the digital nature of the documents no automatic right of refund or cancellation exists after a document has been purchased by you in accordance with Regulation 13 of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

Document Assembly
We Buy Houses Radio documents offered in Word Template format include an interactive document assembly wizard. When used, the wizard will automatically produce a document based on standard legal styles using information you have entered using the wizard. The wizard is unable to determine whether the information you have entered makes legal or grammatical sense and it is your responsibility to ensure that the details entered are accurate. Documents in Word Document format do not include a document assembly wizard and the text must be edited where indicated in the plain format document. Most of the forms provided in PDF format must be printed and completed by hand; some allow electronic completion.

Use of We Buy Houses Radio Service
You should ensure that any information supplied by you is correct before proceeding to payment. We Buy Houses Radio does not accept responsibility or offer refunds if you provide incorrect information. It is also your responsibility to select the correct governing law where documents are separated into those governed by the law of England and Wales and those governed by the law of Scotland. We cannot be held responsible for any errors made by you in selecting the wrong jurisdiction or entering incorrect information.

Use of Documents
Copyright in the We Buy Houses Radio documents, including the assembly wizard and resulting documents belongs to We Buy Houses Radio unless specifically stated otherwise. You may not provide any document for re-sale or re-publish or re-distribute any document for free use by others. You may not translate, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, adapt, vary or modify the assembly wizard provided in Word Template format documents. Any document published online as part of the terms of use of a website or similar that is derived in whole or in part from a We Buy Houses Radio document must have a visible hyperlink back to the We Buy Houses Radio homepage at We Buy Houses Radio and an appropriate credit to We Buy Houses Radio as the source of the document. If you purchase access to We Buy Houses Radio documents by way of a subscription we reserve the right to suspend your subscription if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions.

If you purchase the Standard Use version of a We Buy Houses Radio document or have access to a We Buy Houses Radio document under a Standard Use subscription then the document may be used for personal (including immediate family) or business use by you or your business but the document may not be re-sold, re-published, re-distributed or used in part or whole to create documents for any other party.

If you purchase the Professional Use version of a We Buy Houses Radio document or have access to a We Buy Houses Radio document under a Professional Use subscription then the document may be used for personal (including immediate family) or business use by you or your business. You may also provide documents that have been derived in whole or part from the We Buy Houses Radio document to your client as part of services you offer so long as the document you provide to your client has been customised by you for that particular client using either the assembly wizard or by editing the plain format We Buy Houses Radio document.

You may use the documents as many times as you wish subject to these Terms and Conditions. We recommend that you check the Website regularly to ensure that the documents are the latest version before re-use. Changes in the law will render certain documents out of date from time to time and you will not be notified if any particular document has been amended.

We guarantee that any We Buy Houses Radio document purchased by you will be effective in the circumstances outlined in the document description when accurately completed and executed by you in accordance with these Terms and Conditions – or your money back.

The information and documents available on the Website are provided on an “as is” basis without any representations or endorsements made and without any warranty of any kind whether express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of fitness for purpose, merchantability and accuracy.

Nothing contained in the Website is intended to constitute advice of any sort, whether legal or otherwise and the basis on which you acquire or make use of any information or document is that the information or document is suitable for use by you in conjunction with proper advice as to its application and adaptation for your particular requirements. We will not have any liability to you at all if you use any information or document without obtaining appropriate legal advice nor will we have any responsibility at all for any alterations made to the document after you have received it.

By using the Website you agree that in no circumstance shall We Buy Houses Radio be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of business or profits or any other financial loss, arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the Website or the documents, under any law or on any basis whatsoever whether contractual or otherwise, except in relation to death or personal injury for which no limit shall apply. In addition you agree that if, for any reason, We Buy Houses Radio is liable for any damages, other than those for death or personal injury, the total liability of We Buy Houses Radio shall be limited to the amount of the document purchased plus an additional amount of $100.

The Website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by other parties. We do not control such websites and we take no responsibility for, and will not incur any liability in respect of, their content. Our inclusion of hyperlinks to such websites does not imply any endorsement of views, statements or information contained in such websites.

Alteration of Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to alter the Terms and Conditions from time to time, but this right shall not affect the existing Terms and Conditions accepted by you upon making a purchase using the Website.

For complaints about our service or any We Buy Houses Radio product please contact us at We shall endeavour to respond to complaints within 2 working days.

Entire Agreement
This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us concerning its subject matter.

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck out and the remaining provisions shall remain in force.