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#1 Rick explains how he became a millionaire by transacting real estate even without money, finance or a mobile phone!

  • What is Creative Real Estate? And what’s in it for you?
  • Why our economy NEEDS Creative Real Estate?
  • The impact the Global Financial Crisis has had on the world.
  • Who is Rick Otton? And how he became a millionaire by transacting real estate even with little money, finance or a mobile phone.

Rick Otton and Ben Chislett will also unravel;
  • How YOU can invest in property TODAY – secrets that will supercharge your property portfolio!
  • How you can eliminate fear that has put a financial restraining order on your life!
  • How to raise the barricades and take a leap forward into the property market – debt free!
  • Understand the psychology to why people ACTUALLY sell a house (This will open up oodles of opportunity!)
  • Simple investment tweak allows you to save time, money and grow your property portfolio
  • The bottom-line to why 10,000 real estate agents have been forced to leave their jobs! (and how you can reap the profits!)
  • Ground-breaking tips to grab head-shaking property discounts – even if the price is absolutely not negotiable!

Rick and Ben are about to shift your mindset and have you thinking outside the box shaping endless opportunities for you to achieve wealth through real estate.

Behind the scenes


  1. Russell Eyles Reply

    I some how listened to Podcast 2 first and have now listened to Podcast 1.As with Podcast 2,i thoroughly enjoyed listening to Rick and Ben interacting with each other, they are such a wealth of knowledge and i can not but focus on every word that they say.Looking forward to Podcast 3.

    All the very best.

    Russell Eyles.

  2. Charles De Guzman Reply

    good first up podcast and start of this series. can never get sick of hearing how Rick started in property in US

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