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#63 Renovating For A Profit

Shows like “The Block” make renovations look so sexy. And it’s not surprising why. They really know how to make houses look incredibly good. And most assume that a great looking home will definitely sell at a higher price.

Our special guest, Lily, shares her experience in renovating a property. Like most people, she found herself going over-budget with her reno. Not only that, her project took much longer to complete than she expected. And when all was said and done, the beautified property wasn’t any easier to sell.

In this episode, discover how Lily turned her renovation project into a profitable one including;
  • How Lily used creative strategies help a seller immediately get out of unwanted payment obligations
  • How creative strategies helped her in her first property transaction generate profit
  • The new mindset: why property transactions are never really about the property but rather the solution to a problem

Plus some really hot renovating tips you MUST know before you start!

Enjoy 🙂

P.S. Thank you to our listeners who made our last episode #1 of the Business iTunes charts

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  1. Roderick Hembrow Reply

    Father & sons looking at this business

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