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#72 Britain And The Global Financial Crisis

  • How to attract the right group of tenants;
  • The pitfalls of renovating;
  • Matching different strategies for different problems;
  • Strategies on how to maximise profits on your investment;
  • And the real meaning of “cheap” properties!

Learn and Enjoy!

1 Comment

  1. Claudia Reply

    Hello dear Rick,

    I’ ve got a property to sell in York, Uk which is close to Scarborough – where your last podcast was from ( Ian)

    Would it be possible to pass my details on to him or somebody else who is involved in rent to buy in the area. I’m currently based back in Australia / Brisbane and it’ll be great to find a partner in the UK.

    If this works, I have a second property in York that I might like to sell in a few months.

    Would be great if you could recommend someone.


    073844 2442

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