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Property Investing Podcast With Rick Otton

Hi, I’m Rick Otton and welcome to the Rick Otton Podcast: We Buy Houses Radio.

I’ve been called the problem solver of the “unsolvable” property problems. I’ve also known as an educator – teaching people how to invest and profit from property in the ever-changing market conditions.

In this field, I’ve realised that the best teacher will always be experience. Sure, I teach the fundamentals and strategies you’ll need to complete property transactions. But because property investing is a skill, it takes practice and training to get better at it.

This is the reason why we have created We Buy Houses Radio. This is the place where I get to interview fellow investors and students from my Intensive training events and mentoring programs as well as property entrepreneurs from around the globe.

We discuss every day property transactions that investors put together, so you can learn from their real life experiences, hear the challenges they faced, and discover the solutions they came up with.

We hope that the “golden nuggets” you learn from We Buy Houses Radio will help you open your eyes to new ways of transacting property so that you may: uncover new types of property deals that previously you walked past before, and prepare you for what to expect when you take your first steps in the investing world.

Remember, people who don’t succeed as property investors, simply quit too early in the game. I want you to be prepared mentally and emotionally, so that you are fully committed when you enter your first deal.

If you’re ready to scale up your property investing and create more meaning, money and impact, I encourage you to subscribe to We Buy Houses Radio.

Rick Otton



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