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#78 Property Boom or Property Gloom?

  • The status of Australia’s real estate market after the elections;
  • Is it a property boom or a property gloom?
  • 2 reasons why it’s not a property boom;
  • Where did the so-called boom start and when will it stop?
  • How quantitative easing in the U.S. affects Australia;
  • Components of a property boom and property gloom;
  • Co-relation of expensive labour and loan defaults;
  • Visit to get more street smart secrets;
  • Impact of the bank’s recovery from their big defaults;
  • And who’s creating activity in the property market.

1 Comment

  1. rosemary kirby Reply

    great comments about property boom, here in NZ we are seeing Auckland prices soaring, and then in smaller places in the north prices have never been so low, obviously depending on the job market.
    Here in Whakatane lots of people have negative equity and of course that means very hard to move ahead, and I can see its a good time for an investor to acquire a portfolio, just wish I was one of them.

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