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#75 How To Profit From Rural Properties

Many Aussies often picture the rural areas as one which involves vast tracts of land, a lot of farm animals walking around the fields, and buggies, but one secret that this quaint landscape hides very well is that it can be the key to your success with the help of right processes.

Jenny, one of Rick’s students from Queensland, shares in this podcast that she was able to build a property portfolio and get some cash flow through using creative real estate solutions with various rural properties.

She tells Rick Otton how his strategies helped her turn around rural properties, which have stayed in the market for over 12 months and still manage to get $20,000 profit without putting out any of her money.

Jenny also revealed that she is currently working on a deal for an 8 acre property with a Queensland colonial, and discussed how she plans to go about the transaction in her interview.

You’ll get first-hand explanations on these golden property investment secrets:

  • Why sellers can’t bring their prices down even if their real estate agents want to;
  • The four questions you need to ask every buyer and seller;
  • What makes people come back to Rick Otton’s creative real estate strategies;
  • And how to choose the perfect strategy for every property problem;

Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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  1. PAUL Reply

    great info as always and motivation ! So, I understand joint venture = owner puts in the asset , you put in the skill. Are there any other forms of joint venture?
    I can see there would be lots of savings on avoiding double transactions. What’s the rule of thumb with splitting the profits on a joint venture ?

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