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#7 You Asked, We Answered: A Podcast Designed By You

  • How real estate agents get paid commission when using creative strategies… and why it is a good idea to have one on your team!
  • What happens to the title of a property when using Creative Real Estate strategies?
  • Do creative real estate strategies work in all areas: regional, country, inner city suburbs, outer city suburbs, luxury homes?
  • How to get involved in cash sale if your buyer wants out?
  • How to establish a your exit strategy… including when entering into a partnership or joint venture!
  • Plus more!

Rick also uncovers a new creative strategy, that is so powerful you will be shocked at how easy it is to implement!

Rick and Ben are about to shift your mindset and have you thinking outside the box.

Next week: Is it worth buying and selling property in the U.S.?

Duration: 33:11mins

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