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#66 Start Making Your Property Work For You!

  • Getting started tips
  • Details of his first deal
  • How creative strategies gave him both financial and time freedom
  • How he transitioned from part-time investor to full-time investor
  • AND much more!


See you there!

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1 Comment

  1. Ricki Sanders Reply

    Super tips.Everytime i read your podcasts/lessons for a lifetime.I’m still trying to save some money to save some money to be able to pay to do the course on “How to buy a house for a dollar”.I’ve lots of expenses for my mothers hospital and then she died,then hospital and then funeral expenses,I would like to do this course but my money to do this went to the expenses abovementioned.These great tips you are giving us is benefificial for the future and now.I just hope i can have some otherways to do this course much quicker.God bless.

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