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#65 What Would I Do If…

  • How to invest in property with little (or no) capital by simply restructuring your terms
  • The only two reasons why sellers sell their house
  • What the average home value statistics really mean for you, the consumer
  • The easier way to get bank loans
  • PLUS much, much more!

Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Kevin Dyson Reply

    Great podcasts guys, lead me on.

  2. PAUL Reply

    Great Information guys! Trying to get my head around this. 2 Questions on the $400,000 house example you mentioned:
    1. Can you on-sell a house while still under mortgage? What’s the deal in this case?

    2. You have $15000 deposit from buyer, so $25000 still left in the house, You say you get 66%return on that = $18,000 a year.
    What about the original loan repayments? Is $18000 on top of that? How does that work?


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