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#62 Lose Or Gain With Negative Gearing?

Many people start investing in property because they want to improve their lifestyle. This was Jovan’s intention when he bought two properties in the Gold Coast. Like many, he thought his investment properties would double in value and give them enough gains in the future to cover for their retirement. And like most, his properties were negatively-geared for tax purposes.

But instead of living the dream, Jovan and his wife Sally found themselves working harder and harder because their negatively geared properties gave them a $3000 monthly deficit. And since both of them were so busy, their child was spending 10 hours in Daycare each day.

It became clear to them that buying-and-holding and negative gearing were draining their resources and eating up too much of their time. They needed an alternative to turn their life around.

Jovan’s experience with negative gearing isn’t uncommon. And in this podcast, he will share why Negative Gearing is a thing of the past and why cash flow, not tax claims, is what really matters.

Tune in to hear Jovan’s inspiring journey as an immigrant from Serbia who knew little English to becoming a property investing expert & solicitor living the dream in Australia, including:
  • How Jovan got started in property
  • How creative strategies helped him convert a $3000 monthly deficit into $4000 positive flow in just 6 months
  • How he teamed up with his wife to further their property investing business
  • How creative investing gave them the time freedom they always wanted for their family
  • PLUS much, much more!

Zero-Debt Property Cash Flow Conference 2013

We’ve just concluded our UK Boot Camp and I just want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all those who attended and made this our most successful property event in the UK so far. Here’s to Zero-Debt Property Cash Flow Conference 2014!!!


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