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#55 Four Steps To Start The New Year Right

  • Do you need to improve your life and why?
  • What makes people go forward or backward in committing to change?
  • Why do some people veer off from their New Year’s resolutions or a new business plan?
  • What are the steps in making massive change and how to commit to this new process
  • PLUS heaps of advice and words of support from Ben and I to help you commit to changing and turning your lives around!

If you’ve been looking for ways to turn your lives around, join us in this latest and exciting episode of the Creative Real Estate podcast. For those in the UK who wanted to learn more about creative real estate and discover the newest strategies to buy and sell houses with little capital, register for our annual boot camp, a three-day conference that happens only once every year. Register now at and don’t miss this great rare opportunity to turn your lives around!

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