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#5 Change Your Mindset!

  • What you can change about yourself today that will get YOU on the path of financial freedom instantly
  • How fear can paralyse your mind… and your bank account
  • Rick’s ‘New Immigrant Thinking’ theory
  • How to break through your own expectations and others expectations
  • Why a strong vision can and WILL push through the public opinion barrier
  • How the brain the works and why it leads us to monetary
  • How to think like the creators of Facebook, Microsoft and Skype… and how to find a passion where money becomes a byproduct

Rick also introduces a special tool that has given him the freedom to show houses without being at the house.

(Next week: Rick and Ben reveal how you can solve peoples problems and create a WIN:WIN:WIN !)

Duration: 51:06mins


  1. Russell Eyles Reply

    I just enjoy so much listening to Rick and Ben chatting away about Creative Real Estate.Listening to them talking about fears ect helps me get over my fears and helps push me through the barriers and be persistent and keep going forward.I am looking forward to the next Podcast and learning about solving peoples problems and create a win,win,win.
    Thank you Rick and Ben.

    Russell Eyles.

  2. Verity Reply

    I am really enjoying your chatting with Ben and the changing your mindset. I do not want to make mistakes that cannot be rectified. I want to go forward and start building wealth and not go backwards. I need to forget about the past and only look ahead.

    Thank you Rick and Ben


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