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#4 It’s Not About The House!

  • Why it’s not about the house?
  • The driving reason why people want to buy and sell property?
  • How making a price offer based on the house itself will never get you a bargain or discount
  • How to find the solution to a sellers problem with the right questions landing you the deal of the century
  • The most unusual and crazy buyer and seller stories Rick has ever come across whilst out in the trenches… including how Rick plugged in the best solution for each story
  • How you can get a furniture, car, boat or even a lawn mower included when you are buying any property

Make sure you listen to this one, it will make you smile so hard your cheeks will hurt.

Duration: 49:43mins


  1. Carrie Reply


    Carrie Ando here – Go Direct Phuket. I am having trouble finding the transcipt for podcast 4 – even though I have subscribed. The podcast is very easily available but I can most certainly say that it is more time effective as well as easier for me to assimilate the information from the podcast from the notes.

    Thanks Ben and Rick for this format .

    Looking forward to finding out how to get a hold of the transcript.

    CARRIE ANDO 0407 678 671

  2. Russell Eyles Reply

    I always look forward to listening to Rick and Ben,and as in previous Podcasts i picked up some more valuable knowledge to help me gain the confidence to get my business up and running.Thank you Rick and Ben and i look forward to your next podcast, sharing your wealth of experience.

    Russell Eyles.

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