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#36 Create The Dream Team!

How to create a business team | Creative Property InvestingWe have been involved in the property market for so many years and we understand that running a business requires a lot of resources: financial, administrative, legal etc. And it helps to make the work easier and faster if you got a team with members that do they job, at their best.

In this episode Ben and I reveal our top tips on putting together your dream team for all creative real estate transactions, what sort of people you need, how you choose them and what you expect from them.
In this next episode you’ll discover:
  • How to find a solicitor to that put creative real estate paperwork systems together
  • How to source private lenders to feed your property transactions instantly
  • Real estate agents that will provide you with killer deals
  • Plus much more!
Listen as I discuss how my team works, get tips on how to create your own dream team and even get the chance to win a copy of my property book!

Rick and Ben are about to shift your mindset and have you thinking outside the box.

Next episode: Sell your house faster with UGLY marketing

Duration: 31:44mins

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    Thanks for the post. This is very interesting and informative.

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