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#34 Solutions For Owners Who Have Negative Equity!

Negative Equity Houses | How to sell a house with negative equityThere are many reasons why people struggle with their loan repayments, but there is one that has impacted many property investors who have purchased property off the plan.

When real estate prices are declining, and economic indicators don’t fill the market with confidence, it can happen that by the time the property is built, its value has decreased below the value of the loan. When this happens, it is sometimes referred to as a negative equity loan.

Discover in this next episode how even when a property is in negative equity, you can still make a profit!

Rick and Ben are about to shift your mindset and have you thinking outside the box.

Next episode: Real People, Real Deals: Finding the Perfect Strategy for Your Transactions

Duration: 32:12mins


  1. Kerry Reply

    hi I would like to get the transcript

    1. rick Reply

      Hi Kerry,

      You can get the transcripts for all episodes here:


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