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#32 How To Buy A House With Little Money

Stick around and grab a seat as we reveal to you the secrets on how to buy a house with little money in this new episode of creative real estate. My first ever property book, launched recently at major bookstores in Australia and New Zealand, is a two-hour read full of practical yet effective tips in real estate investing.

In this episode you’ll discover…
  • How you can buy property with little cash on hand
  • The secret of turning around a negatively geared property
  • Why you never need to stress about interest rates or the economy again
  • How to find positive cash flow properties, even in capital cities
  • The #1 way to find 10 times more buyers if you ever need to sell your property
Listen in now and be prepared to be blown away!

Rick and Ben are about to shift your mindset and have you thinking outside the box.

Next episode: Case Study: Ben’s Waterfront Property Deal

Duration: 42:28mins

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