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#30 Renovations: Do they always pay off?

Do you really need to renovate | How to Sell a House without RenovatingIn this creative real estate episode we bring another real estate issue to light – Renovations: Do they always pay off? This is an interesting episode we reveal important concerns about renovations that most renovators don’t know about!

You’ll discover:
  • Unique renovation ideas
  • How to control your renovation project to make sure it stays within the renovation plan and budget
  • Several ways to make money through inexpensive renovations
  • And an amazing new strategy that will show you how to profit from a renovation.

Renovation takes a lot of skills and planning, this episode will reveal various ideas on how to profit from a renovation project.

Rick and Ben are about to shift your mindset and have you thinking outside the box.

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Duration: 32:56mins

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