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#25 You Asked, We Answered: Another Podcast Designed By You

Rick Otton | Creative Real Estate | Q and AWith Creative Real Estate storming the property market, we reveal the answers to the questions that you have submitted to us recently!

These are some of the questions investors ask about Rick’s property investment strategies:
  • The answer to the ultimate seller question: “I want my cash NOW?”
  • What do sellers want to use all the cash for?
  • How to come up with a solution that satisfies both parties?
  • How to implement Rick’s success formula of “more has to come in than what goes out”?
  • Plus many more answers to help boost your success today!

Thank you for submitting your questions, keep ’em coming through!

Rick and Ben are about to shift your mindset and have you thinking outside the box.

Next episode: The Value Of Evaluation: How Much Is Your House Really Worth?

Duration: 33:07mins

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