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#12 Surprise Guest Seller Needs His House Sold [Fidelis Debrief]

  • The best strategy to apply when you are faced with or in the same position as Fidelis
  • Why many hardworking Aussies are in the same boat as Fidelis – it has never been a better time for creative real estate strategies.
  • All the documents needed when putting any transaction together
  • The golden rules to speaking to a seller and how ask the right questions… without the interrogation!
  • How to make a property attractive to any home buyer
  • Tips and warnings to buying properties ‘off the plan’ or through developers
  • Why problem MUST come before solution

Next week: We have another amazing podcast designed by you – we finally get to answer ALL your burning questions.

Rick and Ben are about to shift your mindset and have you thinking outside the box.

Duration: 38:24mins

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