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#11 Surprise Guest Seller Needs His House Sold

  • The best questions to ask to identify a sellers situation
  • How to uncover exactly what the seller is trying to achieve
  • And how you can make it all happen!

Fidelis also highlights the dangers of buying off the plan and what you need look for before committing to any agreement with developers and/or real estate agents.

This is the first time we have ever had a seller… or even a guest speaker on our podcast and it has proved to be invaluable!

Next week: Join us for the debrief of Fidelis and his problem property…

Rick and Ben are about to shift your mindset and have you thinking outside the box.

Duration: 34:30mins


  1. Catherine Reply

    Loved your interview with Fidelis – you both make it sound so easy – its very conversational and not too probing.

    Can you do an interview with another seller soon?

    I’d also love to know how what you did on the ‘other side’ of Fidelis’ property and the numbers around that.

    Another idea: i love the 80/20 idea – have got a couple of people open to the concept (with me buying it) – how do I move them from me buying it – to hey its now a 3rd party and then I want to charge them a TE fee on top of their original sales price? The fact that they are still waiting for their 20% and I’m in & out of there with my cash in had bother them?
    Thanks – I love the Creative Real Estate podcasts – they are inspiring
    Catherine Mulcahy
    0422 415 651

  2. Russell Eyles Reply

    As always,Rick and Ben provide invaluable real estate information.This Podcast with their special guest about buying off the plan units or townhouses,i really felt sorry for this fellow,because he was conned, used and abused by the agents,developers the National bank ect.What a lesson to learn.Fortunately he has found Rick and Ben who will solve his real estate problems.
    Incredible stuff.

    Russell Eyles.

  3. sandra Reply

    Thanks for that, great to listen in on a real life situation. I agree with all your comments about the players (agents, developers and banks). Looking forward to hearing all about the solution that you put in place for this gentleman.
    Great stuff.

    Sandra Anderson.

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